A website is an investment and a well designed and well built website will give you a solid foundation for continuous development and improvements as your business grows. Thinking about the following in advance will help us to give you an estimate in good time...


Is the website simply brochureware or does it need to be more? Do you want to sell physical or virtual products online? If you're not sure exactly what you want then we can help you prioritise the features that will deliver the best return for your budget. Not only that but we may also be able to suggest functionality that you may not have considered.


Do you need something clean and professional or highly creative with serious wow factor? What does the site need to say about your business?


6 pages or 60 pages? It’s all the same to us. What we need to know is if it’s a small brochure site or a shop with 1000's of products? Either way we can discuss the best approach for what you're trying to achieve.


What type of information are your customers looking for? Do you need videos to help visitors get to know more about your business or product, maps to help customers find you and downloadable resources to provide more information?


How quickly do you want it? A simple brochureware site will usually take 2-4 weeks from start to finish. Need it quicker? We will be able to help!

Ok, so that's a lot of questions. If you’re not sure exactly what you want then give us a call or send us an email, we can have a quick chat and help you to prioritise the features that you need now.