New site launch: Fireboy Design

Posted on 4th September 2013 by

And so here it is, the newly designed and constructed Fireboy Design website in all its responsive glory. From back in April this year we realised that it had been a long time since our last site redesign and so the time had come to think about getting something put in place.

Thanks to the pretty decent summer us Brits have recently had, our inboxes weren't as crammed as usual and this allowed us time to have a think about a new direction for this website. The primary objectives of the new site were:

  1. To have a responsive site that plays nicely on mobile and tablet sized screens
  2. To have a wider ranging portfolio showing off our stuff (it's all at the base of every page)
  3. To improve our own SEO after seeing a negative effect on the site from the recent Google Penguin update
  4. To remove all references to Adobe Flash (yes we can still do that, but it's all about jQuery, CSS animation and HTML5 canvas these days)

Hopefully we've covered off all of the above along with a few extra niceties, but we shall see over the coming months. Feel free to have a good look around and get in touch with us if you think we can be of service.