As part of most website projects a content management system is provided to help maintain your site. We won't just build you a website, put it live and give you the login details. Every open-source CMS requires at least a small amount of help in getting used to it's features and terminology used. From Wordpress' "posts", to "Global Content Blocks" in CMS Made Simple we can help explain how to use the provided CMS effectively and with ease.

Not only will we provide post-live training but where possible we will advise on best practises to bear in mind when adding content to your new site. The key reasons for this are so your site stays well optimised for Google, and to make sure that it still instils confidence for its visitors.

Fireboy Design can also offer additional training and advice on many other web-related areas such as social marketing, email marketing, and SEO. Feel free to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.